Flag Day Celebration June 10th – 11am Mass

“Keys of Heaven”
Today we are celebrating Flag Day, with a difference. Not only are we acknowledging our national Flag, we are also raising the Vatican Flag beside it. The Vatican Flag features the Vatican City coat of arms.

Vatican Flag


The papal tiara (as used under the pontificate of Pius XI);
The two keys which represent the Keys of Heaven
(according to the Gospel of Matthew 16:19) given by Jesus Christ to St Peter. The popes are regarded as the successor of Peter, and the gold and silver keys have been significant elements in the symbolism of the Holy See since the 13th century. The gold represents spiritual power, while the silver key represents worldly power. The order of the keys on the coat of arms of Vatican City is the reverse of the coat of arms of the Holy See, in order to distinguish between the two entities.
A red cord connecting the keys.
On the back of this weeks bulletin is a poster commemorating the first Celebration of Flag Day.