The Landings ministry at St. Joseph’s is an outreach of Landings International, a program designed to reconcile Catholics who have returned to the Church, or thinking of doing so, with the fundamental faith of the Catholic Church through the sharing of one’s faith and participating in discussion of the sacraments of the Church.

Through participation in Landings the Catholic “identity” of the individual will emerge to provide returning members with a genuine, balanced look into the mind and heart of the Catholic faith as it is lived and expressed at St. Joseph’s. Those who feel comfortable returning to Communion with the Church discover that we are all equally beloved by God, all called to union with Him and with one another.”…Landings St. Joseph’s Mission Statement

While Landings is primarily designed for “returning” Catholics that does not preclude practicing Catholics from participating in the program. The format and subject matter provokes thought and self examination that will sharpen your understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Landings programs are conducted at pre-announced times when any interested Catholic, regardless of time away from the church, will have opportunity to enroll in a series of classes. Class sessions are announced well in advance of commencement.
Landings at St. Joseph’s is presented in two different formats. In the traditional format Landings meets one evening each week for 6-8 weeks, for one-and-one half hours each week. St. Joseph’s has experimented with a shorter one-day retreat format with strong support. This requires a one-day only commitment in which the essential elements of the program are presented.
The Landings program consists of two major parts. The first is a faith sharing segment in which the participant shares critical components that form his/her faith, followed by time for group response. This is a vital part of the program in which a tight bonding of the group occurs when it learns that while backgrounds may differ we all share similar life experiences. The second component consists of a discussion session on a Catholic topic. It is here that the participant will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the treasure that is his/her Catholic faith.
Because of the highly participatory nature of the program a Landings class size is necessarily limited. An ideal number is between six and ten in order to provide time for everyone to share.
There are some similarities in subject matter, however, the scope and intent of the two programs are fundamentally different. RCIA is designed for non-Catholics approaching the faith and leading to baptism, confirmation, and communion with the church. Landings is intended as a “reintroduction” to the faith for those Catholics who have been away from the church for a time (often a long time) with the hope that the participant will resume regular practice.
General information about Landings can be found on the Landings International website at Specific information about the program at St. Joseph’s is available from Dave Andrews, 831-462-1464, Jim Barrington, 831-239-2129, or Carol Haag 623-308-5996.

How to get Involved

One can be involved as a participant in the program or as a Landings team member. To participate one need only enroll at the announced times; there is no charge. However, please use register below so you are on our email list and we can notify you when the next session is scheduled

Team participation requires a commitment to receive some training and to engage in the program as a topic presenter. Team members possess a basic understanding of the Catholic faith and are comfortable in introducing and leading the discussion.  Please use the button below to contact us or subscribe to the group email list.

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