Altar Servers



Assistance at the altar by servers represents a long liturgical tradition. These servers enhance the quality of the celebration for the whole gathered assembly by taking part in processions and by ensuring that all items required for the celebration are available at the appropriate moments.

It is important that servers have an enthusiasm for public prayer. The server is not someone who performs a function or two and then settles back to observe the rest. Servers listen, sing and pray with the entire assembly.

How to get Involved

We always have a need for more Altar Servers, especially children and young adults. Training is done individually, so please contact us at anytime and let’s explore the opportunities for you to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Altar Servers are lay men and women, girls and boys, who are designated to assist the priest and the deacon at Mass. Ordinarily; they are responsible for the cross, the candle. They hold the book for the priest at the chair, assist the priest during the preparation of the gifts, and they wash the hanaltar serversds of the priest. In general, they assist the priest and deacon when necessary.
Altar servers are baptized Catholic Men, Women, Boys and Girls who are mature enough to understand and carry out their liturgical function. They should have received their first Holy Communion and normally receive the Eucharist whenever they participate in the liturgy.
Formation is both technical and spiritual. Altar servers need to know the individual parts of the Mass and their specific meaning, the various objects used in the liturgy and their proper names, and the differing functions of the altar server during Mass and other liturgical celebrations. They need to understand their functions as a generous service to God and God’s people. Finally, they should be prepared to exercise their functions with reverence and proper decorum.