The Projection Ministry is a service to assist the congregation to stay focused on the Mass by providing the words for songs, prayers, and responses during the Mass. With those words projected onto the screen, the congregation does not need to find and then look at the Missal or Songbook to see the words for the songs, prayers, and responses.

St Joseph’s uses a software program called “EasyWorship” on a laptop computer operating from the balcony to run the projector system. A “schedule” of songs, prayers, and responses is created for each Mass based on inputs from the choir leader for each Mass. The “schedule”s are usually created during the week before the Masses.

The projectionist typically arrives at church about 30 minutes before Mass starts. He/she sets up the computer, opens the altar screen, turns on the projector, checks with the choir lead for any last minute changes to the “schedule” for that Mass, and then selects those items in the “schedule” to be projected at the right time in the Mass. After the Mass, she/he turns off the projector, raises the altar screen, and turns off the computer. So, being a projectionist takes about a half hour more time than just going to Mass, but you are helping the congregation and yourself because you have to keep more focused on the Mass to do a good job of projecting.

How to get Involved

Projectionists usually serve at the Mass that they regularly attend. We currently have people who project every week and some who project every other week. Our greatest need is for someone to cover the Saturday 5 pm Mass or the Sunday 11 am Mass, but any offer to help at any Mass would be welcome.

Training consists of the trainee sitting with the trainer during Mass – first to observe and see what to do, then to actually control the computer under the guidance/direction of the trainer until the trainee has performed all the required functions of a projectionist. Finally, when the “trainee” and the “trainer” both feel that the trainee is ready to project by themselves, they are assigned to a Mass. This generally takes 4 or 5 weeks (sometimes more and sometimes less). If the trainee can attend an orientation session on the “Easy Worship” software, it will shorten the training time.

Any parishioner* who desires to help can be a projectionist. If you are familiar with computers, that will make the training easier; if you are not familiar, we will train you so that you can operate “Easy Worship”.

Parishioner* – if you are under 18 years old, at least one of your parents would be required to accompany you while you are in the balcony. If/when we have the capability to operate the computer from the main floor, and you operate from there, you will not need your parent to accompany you.

Currently, projectionists serve at the frequency that they requested. We will work to accommodate your requested frequency.