Ushers and Greeters



Jesus said, “Whoever receives you, receives me, and whoever receives me receives the One who sent me” (Matthew 10:40).

Your willingness to serve God in the capacity as an usher reflects your commitment to Christ. Your willingness to commit to a monthly schedule; to arrive on time and to be a friendly and welcoming presence to those coming to worship here at Saint Joseph’s is a further reflection of your commitment to serve this Parish. By assuring a welcoming presence and orderly seating at all Masses offered in this Parish, you enhance the beauty of the Liturgy and become an instrument through whom God may be present to those in worship.

Liturgical hospitality means meeting and greeting parishioners and visitors to Saint Joseph’s, and helping them to be comfortable in their surroundings. As an Usher, you will also assist in the distribution of worship aids before Mass, taking up the collection, assisting people as they go to communion, and distributing the bulletin after Mass.

How to get Involved

We always have a need for more Ushers and Greeters. Training is done individually, so please contact us at anytime and let’s explore the opportunities for you to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any parishioner who has the desire to greet people and be a welcoming presence before, during, and after Mass is eligible to be an Usher/Greeter.

The position is open to men and women, high school age or older.

Depending on what Mass you attend, it can be as often as twice a month or as little as once every couple of months.
Yes. Usher/Greeter training conducted by Frank Millang is held four times a year. Dates and time are announced on the Web Calendar and in the bulletin.