Hearts and Hands



We are a ministry that puts on a brunch/lunch for the St. Joseph family and their friends after a funeral. Our ministry provides food and serves for the family and friends. We need many workers: the servers, telephone people, and the donors. Our menu is salads, sandwiches, and desserts. If a caterer is involved, we assist them with setting up, serving, and clean up after. Our donors provide the sandwiches, salads, or desserts as requested when called upon. Since this is “potluck” there is usually a very nice assortment of food. The phone committee calls for the food as needed. Setting up means covering the tables with tablecloths and decorating with floral arrangements which we have, and putting out the food as needed. Cleaning up means wiping down and folding the tablecloths, and whatever else needs to be done. We usually have shifts to do the work, so no one is overtaxed.

How to get Involved

We are most anxious to answer any inquiries pertaining to this ministry. Please call Vera Ronzano at 479-7575 or Marlene Schmidt at 476-0861. You will get to know your fellow parishioners, and have fun doing it!