Ministry with People with Disabilities



The Ministry with People with Disabilities builds community with families and individuals who live with varied disabilities to facilitate their active participation in all levels of our parish life. To that end, the ministry is always looking out for the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community. Five times a year, we celebrate life at the STARS events, the place to be if you enjoy good food, great company, and dancing.

We collaborate with our catechetical and liturgical staff to promote inclusive faith formation programs. The Mental Wellness Program is a forum for those who are affected by mental illness to come together with county professionals to raise awareness of this condition as well as therapy trends and effective strategies for coping. Once a year, we sponsor a retreat for caregivers to enjoy some respite and spiritual uplifting from their daily grind.

How to get Involved

We welcome all to be part of this encompassing ministry as many hands make light work. Call 475-8211, ext. 17 to leave a message or by email: [email protected]

STARS Schedule

All events start at 5:30 p.m. in St. Joseph’s Church Hall
435 Monterey Avenue, Capitola


Frequently Asked Questions

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STARS – an outreach for people with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities held five times a year (October, December, February, April, and June). We provide entertainment, dinner, and prizes or favors to people who either live independently or in group homes in the Santa Cruz County area. There is no charge for this very popular evening event.

Once a year usually in the fall, STARS and confirmation classes partner up to go on an outing. This is an awareness outreach to our teens to allow them to appreciate the gifts that people with disabilities have to offer.

Linda Navone [email protected] is the coordinator of this program.

Caregivers retreat/day of reflection – this program was developed to give respite and spiritual uplifting to some of the most heroic people in the parish – people who give disabled, mentally ill, and dying loved ones care 24/7 – who often suffer from depression, guilt, and exhaustion. The retreat/day of reflection is held once a year during Lent.

Pastor’s Homily transcribed – This program was begun to give the homebound with internet access a way to connect with our parish by having the pastor’s homily posted on the internet, now on our parish website. For those without internet access, a transcript of the homily is mailed to your home.

For the past 3 years written transcripts of the pastors homily have not been available since we currently don’t have a transcriber.

Religious Education support – the ministry works with our formation programs to ensure that all children and adults receive religious instruction and sacraments through our various religious programs. We can also offer training for our religious education teachers and support staff on how to include children and adults with special needs into our catechetical classes. When the disability is so severe, we can make alternate programs available to suit the child’s needs. We also purchase a subscription to Children’s Bible Activities Online as an additional resource to our parish religious education and our home schooling community.  

STARS events:

  • setting up and breaking down the parish hall
  • purchasing food items and prizes
  • decorating the hall
  • telephone callers
  • food preparation
  • food servers
  • clean up crew
  • entertainment hosts for art and craft table and games ex. Bingo
  • Photographer – take photographs of activities
  • Musicians, dancers, entertainers (ex: puppeteers)
  • Laundry table cloths (once a year)

Caregivers retreat/day of reflection:

  • coordinator
  • core members – planning the event
  • telephone callers
  • food preparation
  • setup and cleanup of venue

Transcription of pastor’s homily

  • transcriber of homily recording
  • Print and mail transcriptions

Donations and Fundraising – in the past we sponsored cake sales, then in 2000 we started to participate in Santa Cruz Volunteers Bureau’s fundraiser, The Human Race, Because all of our activities are free, we are always in need of donations or find ways to fund our activities.

Prayers to the Holy Spirit to send us new ministers and to fill the hearts  of those already in our ministry with the fervor to continue the work that God has started with our most vulnerable.  

  • Contact ministry coordinator, Paching Adolfo [email protected],  home phone:831-662-3212
  • STARS coordinator, Linda Navone [email protected]
  • or contact parish office  475-8211 and leave a message with your name and contact information.