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Respect Life is a ministry devoted to educating Catholics on the non negotiable teachings of their faith regarding Gods gifts to each of us.
The gift of Life and respecting His gift from conception to natural death is one of our most precious gifts.

Only man knows his own mortality. And knowing that he will die, only man can ask where he came from, what his life means and what comes after it.
The grave then is an expression of reverence and hope. When Christians and other people of good will talk about “dignity of the human person” and “the sanctity of human life,” they’re putting into words what we all instinctively know – and have known for a very long time. Unique in nature, and unlike any other creature, men and women possess something elevated and sacred that demands our special respect.

When we violate that human dignity, we do evil. When we serve it, we do good. And therein lies one of today’s many American ironies. We now live in a society that speaks persuasively about protecting the environment and rescuing species on the brink of extinction, but then it tolerates the mass killing of unborn children, and contemplates the killing of the sick and elderly in the name of their “dignity.”

Most of us assume that we have basic rights that come with the special dignity of being human. These rights are inherent to human nature. They’re part of who we are. Nobody can take them away. But if there is no Creator and nothing fundamental and unchangeable about human nature, and if “nature’s God” is kicked out of the public conversation, then our rights become the product of social convention. But social conventions can change. That means the definition of who is and who isn’t “human” can change.

Sometimes, we also need reminders of who we are and what we are made for. As baptized Christians, we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. God, who is Love and who loves us beyond comprehension, wants us to live forever with Him in full and perfect love. We were created for this love, and our relationships on earth are meant to help us and others, grow in this love.

It is with HIS love in mind that the Respect Life Ministry attempts to educate the faithful about the importance and respect due his generous gift to each of us.

Source: US Conference of Catholic Bishops


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How to get Involved

  • Join 40 days for Life.
  • Pray the Rosary for the end to abortion.
  • Join Rachael’s Vineyard.
  • Join Silent No More.
  • Participate in the West Coast annual Walk For Life in San Francisco.
  • Help at St. Joseph’s with Respect Life coffee and donuts.
  • With an open heart and mind read books and literature that share the catholic teachings on the gift of life from God.
  • Do not allow secular slogans to trivialize God’s precious gift.