The Saint Joseph’s website is intended to be the focal point of our community for getting informed, getting involved, getting connected, and most importantly deepening our faith.

However, our website is not just intended for existing parishioners. Ultimately it is our goal to have it serve and inspire the community at large with relevant and useful content. Also, by effectively communicating our faith to others, encourage them to check us out by trying one of our Masses. It all starts with inquiry, and for many, our website will be the first place they start that process.

All are Welcome at Saint Joseph’s, but we need to do more than say that. We need to tell our story and show people how they are welcome. The key to our success is keeping the content on this website fresh and alive, relevant, and up to date. We need your help.

How to get Involved

We need to say as much as we can on the current pages, and we need to create more pages, more content. There is so much to be said.

If you think you have something to contribute, please submit your ideas or content using the form below. While we value your help and your content, please remember that not everything that is submitted can or will be posted on the website. First, content must reflect the views and goals of our leadership, how we communicate to the parish, and how we present ourselves to the community. Second, we need to keep a level of consistency both in what is said and how it is said. We also need to maintain consistency to the organizational structure of the website, or it will become confusing and disorganized. You’ve probably seen websites like this that have everything but the kitchen sink thrown on pages – a confusing, unusable, incohesive mess.
What this means, is that your content might be valuable, but possibly not find it’s way onto the website. However, the good news is that we are also planning other methods to say what you need to say, and share it with others. This website is only one method, but there will be more.



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Right now we’re looking for additional content for the Sacrament and Ministry pages. In most cases there is enough content for existing parishioners, but keep in mind, the secondary purpose is to communicate who and what we are to the community at large. For example, Catholics know what the Sacraments are, but non-Catholics do not. Additional content more fully explaining each one would help us in our outreach to the community. If we’re really successful, that reach will extend well beyond Capitola to the internet at large.

Ministries are another area. Let’s tell our stories there. Let’s show the community how we serve them. And to those thinking about joining us, communicate the vibrant community we are and the opportunities that await them.

We believe everyone needs to be heard. However, the website is not the appropriate place to accomplish that in many cases. In the coming months we will be providing a platform to do that. Social Media has clearly become a place for everyone to speak their mind. However, we intend to create a more safe environment only open to parishioners. That will make it safe for those speaking out, and for everyone to have the control of what information they wish to consume.
Websites have two types of content.

  1. Static content that does not change much over time.
  2. Dynamic content that is fresh, new, and always changing.

Static content requires minimal attention once it is up.  The dynamic content needs to be entered consistently and frequently.  It needs to be timely and up to date or it will lose its value.  Examples include the calendar, announcements, news, etc.  If you are interested in helping out by entering that content, we’d like to hear from you.

You must be comfortable with Microsoft Office products and in general, with computer software.  This website uses a WordPress platform which is easy to use, but it does require a learning curve.  You must be prepared to help out on a consistent weekly basis.  This is not a job that lends itself to a revolving door of volunteers.  We have many other opportunities for you to help out on an as-needed, and as-available basis.