Prayer Corner

The doctrine of the Trinity is encapsulated in Matthew 28:19, where Jesus instructs the apostles: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

The parallelism of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit is not unique to Matthew’s Gospel, but appears elsewhere in the New Testament (e.g., 2 Cor. 13:14, Heb. 9:14), as well as in the writings of the earliest Christians, who clearly understood them in the sense that we do today—that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are three divine persons who are one divine being (God). (Robert H. Brom, Bishop San Diego, 2004)

Trinity Prayer (Fr. Richard Rohr)

God for us, we call You Father,
God alongside us, we call You Jesus,
God within us, we call You Holy Spirit.

You are the Eternal Mystery
that enables, enfolds, and enlivens all things,
even us, and even me.

Every name falls short of your
Goodness and Greatness.

We can only see who You are in what is.

We ask for such perfect seeing.
As it was in the beginning, is now,
and ever shall be.


One Faith, One Family

Our Annual Ministries Appeal has begun. The “Top Ten” list of work that the AMA supports is listed below:

1) Vocations
Educates, trains, and prepares our seminarians
2) Priestly Life and Ministry
Supports Clergy Study Days, the annual Priests Retreat, and sabbatical planning
3) Divine Worship
Provides liturgical resources and training
4) Permanent Diaconate
Funds and supports the men who enter the diaconate program
5) Youth and Young Adult Ministry
6) Catholic Schools
7) Campus Ministry
Faith Based programs at UC Santa Cruz and Cal Poly
8) Hispanic and Migrant Ministry
Visits at 19 migrant camps and funds the Institute of Lay Pastoral Ministry
9) Family Life and Social Concerns
Alternative to violence programs and Stop Human Trafficking
10) Catechetical Ministries
Form the future by preparing our children, youth, and adults.

Please consider the valuable and loving work that is done daily through your generous contributions.

Pastoral Council Community Questionnaire

Thank you for your incredible response to the community questionnaire! We had close to 200 replies – many of which went into great detail on what you would like to see in our joint plan. It was really quite overwhelming! In order for us to properly analyze the results we needed to consolidate the thousands of data points from the 21 questions. This has been fairly time consuming and we’re now ready to start sharing updates as we build towards our three-year Strategic Plan. Here’s a sampling of some of the trends…

How do you participate?


Volunteering in the Eucharist


What could add to your sense of community?

More social events / guest lectures

Morning Mass

Family focus

What changes could we make to enhance participation?

Adult religious education

Spanish Masses

Opportunities to volunteer

What are our current strengths?

Our music

Our priests

Our inclusiveness

You also shared an enormous pool of talent, skills, knowledge and energy towards helping to make our plan a reality. It is obvious that the Saint Joseph Community is blessed with an amazing diverse and passionate membership. We will be working closely with you all to achieve our goals!

Our next step is to finish entering all of the paper feedback into the database (everyone’s feedback matters), and then final consolidation and categorization of all your data. We’re about 80% complete with this work so thank you for your patience as we work hard to get it right. Most of all, thank you for your time, energy, and passion about helping us to set goals and a well defined direction for putting a solid plan in place for the next three years.

Prayer Corner

Donald Trump’s inauguration last week featured six religious leaders, more than any past inauguration. One of the leaders, Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan chose to read Wisdom Chapter 9.

Solomons Prayer

1 God of my ancestors, Lord of mercy,
you who have made all things by your word
2 And in your wisdom have established humankind
to rule the creatures produced by you,
3 And to govern the world in holiness and righteousness,
and to render judgment in integrity of heart:
4 Give me Wisdom, the consort at your throne,
and do not reject me from among your children;
5 For I am your servant, the child of your maidservant,
a man weak and short-lived
and lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws.
6 Indeed, though one be perfect among mortals,
if Wisdom, who comes from you, be lacking,
that one will count for nothing.
7 You have chosen me king over your people
and magistrate over your sons and daughters.
8 You have bid me build a temple on your holy mountain
and an altar in the city that is your dwelling place,
a copy of the holy tabernacle which you had established from of old.
9 Now with you is Wisdom, who knows your works
and was present when you made the world;
Who understands what is pleasing in your eyes
and what is conformable with your commands.
10 Send her forth from your holy heavens
and from your glorious throne dispatch her
That she may be with me and work with me,
that I may know what is pleasing to you.
11 For she knows and understands all things,
and will guide me prudently in my affairs
and safeguard me by her glory;
12 Thus my deeds will be acceptable,
and I will judge your people justly
and be worthy of my father’s throne.
13 For who knows God’s counsel,
or who can conceive what the Lord intends?
14 For the deliberations of mortals are timid,
and uncertain our plans.
15 For the corruptible body burdens the soul
and the earthly tent weighs down the mind with its many concerns.
16 Scarcely can we guess the things on earth,
and only with difficulty grasp what is at hand;
but things in heaven, who can search them out?
17 Or who can know your counsel, unless you give Wisdom
and send your holy spirit from on high?
18 Thus were the paths of those on earth made straight,
and people learned what pleases you,
and were saved by Wisdom.

Reconciliation: The Love of Christ Compels Us

(2 Corinthians 5:14-20)

There will be a Diocese wide ecumenical service for parishioners and friends from other Christian churches celebrating “Our desire for greater Christian Unity” at the Saint Angela Merici Church,146 8th Street, Pacific Grove, California on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 4:00pm

Pope Francis expressed this need:

“Given the seriousness of the counter-witness of division among Christians…the search for paths for unity becomes all the more urgent…How many  important things unite us!  If we really believe in the abundantly free working of the Holy Spirit, we can learn so much from one another!  It is not just about being better informed about others, but rather about reaping what the Spirit has sown in them, which is also meant to be a gift for us” (Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel, p. 246).

St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry needs food items.

St. Vincent de Paul is one of St. Joseph’s most active ministry. Every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon pre package food, and food vouchers are given to those living in the Capitola area who need assistance.

Currently the food pantry is in need of cereal, peanut butter, pasta, pasta sauce, canned fruit, Rice-a-Roni and Top-Ramen.
The food donation bins are located in the church vestibule.

If you would like to volunteer, watch the “This Week at St Joseph’s” for the next meeting. You can also call the volunteer line at 831-423-SVDP. SVdP is dedicated to meeting the needs of the poor in Santa Cruz County in a variety of ways, and as you might expect there’s a broad spectrum of ways to get involved. Whatever your passion, whatever your availability, you’ll make a difference.!

9 Days for Life

Join thousands of Catholics nationwide in 9 days of prayer and action cherishing the gift of every persons life. 9 Days for Life is an annual period of prayer and action focused on cherishing the gift of every person’s life.

Surrounding the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children,* the overarching intention of the centerpiece novena is the end to abortion.

However, the novena also highlights many other facets of respecting each other’s God-given dignity, especially by respecting human life at every stage and in every circumstance. 9 Days for Life is an opportunity to:

PRAY for the respect and protection of each person’s life;

GATHER together in prayer, action, and fellowship with others;

SHARE your stories online!

Participate Saturday, January 21 through Sunday January 29. Sign up at

Pilgrimage to Shrine of Guadalupe

St. Josephs and Fr. Wayne are hosting a pilgrimage March 20th through March 25th to the Shrine of Guadalupe, Mexico City, and Puebla. The Shrine is considered the holiest place in the Western Hemisphere, and is the most visited Catholic Shrine in the world. After arrival, on the second day you will travel through the Plaza of Three Cultures on the way to the Shrine. Later that same day you will travel to San Juan Teotihuacan on the outskirts of Mexico City to see the vast archaeological complex.

In addition to visiting the Shrine and participating in masses this visit is packed with history, archaeology, pyramids, historic churches, and an opportunity to experience the deep Catholic culture of the Mexico City area.

This trip is certain to inspire your faith, open your eyes to the vast history of Mexico, and learn about the church and its influence in Central America. Call the office and ask for Socorro to sign up!

1st Annual St. Joseph’s Community Fundraising Raffle

We are excited to announce that the biggest fund raiser of
the year will be a raffle! For a $100 tax deductible donation, you are given the chance to win $10,000 back in cash! The first prize winner will receive $10,000, and there are also three other chances to win, as the second prize winner will receive $2,000, third prize winner will receive $1,000 and fourth prize winner $500. Because there are only 500 tickets, your chances of winning are so great!

Our raffle is a chance for you to win monetary prizes and an opportunity for you to support your parish community. By participating in this raffle, you will be providing necessary financial support to our many life giving ministries. These ministries are extraordinarily important to our parish family as they are at the center of ensuring all of us are stronger together!

As we approach the Christmas Season, we ask you to join us in making our first ever parish wide community fundraising raffle a success! Purchase soon, there are less than 200 tickets left!


This weekend is the Fourth Sunday of Advent, which symbolizes Peace. The fourth candle is often referred to as the “Angels Candle”. This reminds us of the message “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.”

On this Sunday, the liturgical color returns to violet. Violet is a dark color, ‘the gloomy cast of the mortified, denoting affliction and melancholy’. Perhaps this is to remind us of the difficult circumstances described in this week’s Gospel.

The way that Joseph and Mary face these circumstances tells us much about these holy people and their faith in God. Joseph and Mary are betrothed to be married. Betrothal in first century Jewish culture was in fact the first part of the marriage contract. A breach of this contract was considered adultery. Mary is found to be with child. If adultery is proven, the punishment might be death. Joseph has rights under Mosaic law, but chooses to act discreetly in his plans to break the marriage contract, so as to protect Mary. Then God intervenes.

The Gospel scripture, tells us about the angelic visit to Joseph in a dream. “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” This reminds us of our anticipation, as we wait to celebrate Jesus’ birth in one week. The readings during the week tell us of the visits of Gabriel, to Mary and Elizabeth.

Lets look for angels in our lives this Advent!!!