Finding a Place to Serve

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The Church Community Builder system lets your church attenders play an active role in finding a place to serve. You may receive an email requesting that you fill a volunteer position for which a Group Leader believes you are qualified. In addition, you may browse or search for open positions based on criteria you choose or let the system tell you what positions best match you based on information in your profile. This article will show you how to accept a position from an email link, search for a position, or view your best matches.

To Accept a Position from an Email:

You will receive an email whenever someone has made a position available to you.

The email will include a link that you can use to view the information about the position. Click the link and it takes you to a position information page. On the right you can view specifics about this position. You can mark your interest as Yes, No, or Maybe, and you can also add a comment in the box.

To Browse or Search for a Position:

  1. Begin by clicking the Serve tab on the Menu, then click Positions.

  1. This will bring you to a list of positions being offered.
  2. Use the Filter By to look for different types of positions in the system.

  • On the right you can Apply or Volunteer for the Position, select the Position Details, or email the Position Leader.
  • There are two types of positions, those open to anyone and those that require approval. You will see one of two links for the position in which you are interested: Volunteer or Apply. Click the link to either fill the position immediately or send an email to the Position Leader to let them know that you are interested in filling the position.