Using CCB on your Phone or Tablet

With mobile access to Church Community Builder you have access to information and can perform functions wherever you are.

Simply Communicate

Contact your group members with ease.

Call, text, or email anyone in your group! You can access a list of members in any group you lead, and select someone’s name to see their profile. From here, giving them a call or sending them a text or email is as easy as a tap of a button.


Send group messages on the go.

Need to send a message to your group? Don’t worry about hunting down a computer — just select Messages. You can send a new group message without ever leaving the app. Wondering if your co-leader already sent that reminder message you’re composing in your head? Look through your group’s message board right from the app!

Text the whole group at once.

Sometimes you need to reach people faster than a Group Message. Group texts have you covered. These one-way announcement texts will go out to all group members who have mobile number and carrier listed in their profiles and have set their communication settings to allow text messages from group leaders. After you send your message, you’ll see a notice letting you know how many people received it.

Reach out on special days.

As a small group leader, remembering a birthday or anniversary is a great way to make your members feel cared for and connected. With the Special Days feature, you can see all upcoming birthdays and anniversaries in your group so you can plan ahead. Want to call or text to wish them a happy birthday? Just tap on their name and you’ll be taken to their profile, where the Call, Text, and Email buttons are waiting for you.


Manage Your Groups Effectively

Keep contact info up to date.

Chances are good that if someone in your group moves, you’ll be one of the first people they tell. The church’s software may be a little further down the priority list. Help keep your church’s database current by updating your members’ profiles as they change. And if you’re editing a profile picture, you can take a new picture of them from right inside the app!

Manage membership requests.

Someone applied to join your group? Take care of it right in the app. You’ll see a red number icon on the People link, showing how many applicants you have. From there, just tap the check or the x to approve or decline the request.

Never lose track of attendance.

When you tap Attendance, you’ll see the last five weeks’ events. Want to know who came to the last monthly potluck dinner? You can check, take, or even edit attendance for any displayed event. You can tap to check off who showed up, mark if you didn’t meet, include a count of any visitors, and add an event summary.


Connect your phone to your entire database.

Your church management software is only as good as the data inside it. The information you keep as a group leader won’t do much good if it isn’t connected to the rest of your church’s database. With the Small Group Leader app, just log in once and every change you make will update the same database your church’s administrators and other leaders are accessing with the main browser software.


Available now for North American Church Community Builder users.

The Small Group Leader app will display any Members Interact type group you lead with the ‘Contact Details’ admin setting enabled, so with just a few settings you’re ready to go. To get started the first time you launch the app, all you’ll need is your church’s Church Community Builder site URL and your login, and once your phone is connected, it stays connected — no need to log in again next time. And the best part is … it’s available now! Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download today. To

  • To add the mobile login icon to your iPhone home screen, simply tap the  and 
  • This will put the mobile login icon on your iPhone home screen, giving you quick access.
    • To add the mobile access icon to your Android home screen, tap and hold any open space on your Home Screen>  tap Shortcut > and then tap Bookmark > Select the bookmark you saved earlier.
    • This will put the mobile access icon on your Android home screen, giving you quick access to the future.

The way to view a calendar on your phone is to subscribe to it.  First, from CCB, click on the subscribe link:

Group Calendar

Each group has its own calendar, and each group calendar will have a link to subscribe under the group’s Calendar.

Once you click the subscribe link, a pop-up will show you the different options of subscribing.

  • Google Cal – This link will open up Google’s calendar in your default browser and put the calendar into your current Google account. If you are not logged into Google, you will need to do that first.
  • Apple Cal – This link will open up Apple’s Calendar program and subscribe your selected calendar.
  • Outlook Cal – This link will open up Microsoft’s Outlook program and subscribe your selected calendar. It will not work on Office 365’s online version of the calendar. If you are using the online version of Outlook, make sure to use the URL option below.
  • Copy URL – If you have an online calendar, use this option to copy the URL to the selected calendar and subscribe to it from your online calendar’s application.

How to use the Small Group Leader Application

Approve or Decline Group Membership Requests

New requests for membership to join a group are indicated by a red circle with the number requesting to appear on the People row.

To approve or decline membership to a group:

  1. Click on People, to see the list of people requesting to join a group.
  2. To approve a membership request click on the green checkmark. A brief message of Approved will appear and the participant will move to the alphabetized member section below.
  3. To decline a membership request click on the red ‘x’. A brief message of Declined will appear and the participant will be removed from the ‘request to join group’ section.
  • Connect to your church’s ‘Church Community Builder’ site using the subdomain for your site (i.e.:
  • Enter your username and password and all members interact groups that you lead will be visible and accessible.

Selecting a group will take you to that group’s page with options to take attendance, send messages, see group participants and view special days.

If you are having trouble finding your groups in the app, please ensure the following:

  • …that you are a group leader
  • …that the group is a Members Interact group
  • …that the “Contact Details” group leader setting is enabled (found in the Admin tab of group settings and available to full group admins and MA)
  • …that the group is an active group

To take attendance:

  • Click on Attendance to see the list of events in the group. All events from the group will be listed. A group leader can take attendance for any of their group’s events, even those that have yet to have an attendance grouping assigned.
  • Click on the event you want to record attendance for. Select the people who were present and hit next.
  • Enter the number of visitors and hit next to land on the event summary page. Here you can add notes, and praise and prayer request from the event while also choosing the recipients for the event summary.
  • When you finish, you’ll return to the event list page.

From the group page:

  • You can view your group’s messages by clicking Messages.
  • All group messages will be listed out, ordered by most recent activity.

To send a group a group message:

  • Tap ‘New’.
  • Enter a subject and message text.
  • Tap ‘Send’.

Messages will be sent according to each group member’s communication preferences and will now be shown in the messages list within the app as well as in your church’s Church Community Builder software.

Note: Currently emoji’s are not supported when sending a group message through the App.

To view an entire message thread:

  • Tap on the message you’d like to view.
  • The entire message and all subsequent comments will be displayed in the order they were sent, starting with the original message.

From the group page:

  • You can view the group’s participant list by clicking People.
  • All group participants will be listed out.

View Group Member’s Profile

To view someone’s profile:

  • Click on that person.
  • From their profile, you can call, text or email them. If you want to add or edit their information, click ‘Edit’.

Group leaders can edit all group participants’ contact information, profile picture, birthday and anniversary. This will also update their information in your church’s Church Community Builder software.

Special Days

Finally, you can view which group members have upcoming birthdays and anniversaries by clicking on Special Days. Clicking on a special day will take you to the group member’s profile so you can easily call, text or email them.

In order for a member to receive a group text, the member must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Member must have a mobile number on their profile
  2. Member must have a mobile carrier on their profile
  3. The members communications settings must be set to receive text messages from group leaders

To send a group text:

  1. Select the specific group you would like to send a group text to
  2. Click Send Group Text from the list
Android OS iOS
  1. Compose your message
  2. Click Send

Note: Currently emoji’s are not supported when sending a text through the App.

Android OS iOS
  1. Finally, you will be returned to the Group page and a notification will appear at the bottom of the page briefly indicating the number of members that the text was sent to
Android OS iOS