Pastoral Council Community Questionnaire

Thank you for your incredible response to the community questionnaire! We had close to 200 replies – many of which went into great detail on what you would like to see in our joint plan. It was really quite overwhelming! In order for us to properly analyze the results we needed to consolidate the thousands of data points from the 21 questions. This has been fairly time consuming and we’re now ready to start sharing updates as we build towards our three-year Strategic Plan. Here’s a sampling of some of the trends…

How do you participate?


Volunteering in the Eucharist


What could add to your sense of community?

More social events / guest lectures

Morning Mass

Family focus

What changes could we make to enhance participation?

Adult religious education

Spanish Masses

Opportunities to volunteer

What are our current strengths?

Our music

Our priests

Our inclusiveness

You also shared an enormous pool of talent, skills, knowledge and energy towards helping to make our plan a reality. It is obvious that the Saint Joseph Community is blessed with an amazing diverse and passionate membership. We will be working closely with you all to achieve our goals!

Our next step is to finish entering all of the paper feedback into the database (everyone’s feedback matters), and then final consolidation and categorization of all your data. We’re about 80% complete with this work so thank you for your patience as we work hard to get it right. Most of all, thank you for your time, energy, and passion about helping us to set goals and a well defined direction for putting a solid plan in place for the next three years.