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Projection Ministry

Projectionists usually serve at the Mass that they normally attend and at the frequency they desire – such as weekly, or every other week, etc. Right now, only fi ve projectionists -- Ken Rossiter, Sergio Segovia, Enrique Martinez, Jose Ramirez, and Kathi Firth -- are stretched over six
regular weekend Masses and special Masses.

Our greatest need is for someone at the Sunday 5 pm Mass or the Sunday 11 am Mass, but any offer to help at any Mass would be welcome. The Projection ministry is a service to help the congregation participate in the Masses on the weekends, and other special Masses, by
providing the words for songs, prayers, and responses during the Mass. With those words projected onto the screen, the congregation does not need to find and look at the Missal or Song book to see the words for the songs, prayers, and responses.

For more information, please contact the Parish office at 831-475-8211